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          Disclaimer: the interest rate generated from this website is provided for information purposes only. The FNFA cannot guarantee that all of the information entered to generate this interest rate is accurate. FNFA staff recommends that this form be re-done regularly as interest rates can change materially from time-to-time as economic events unfold.

          NOTE: FNFA normally issues 10 year debentures. FNFA members whose Borrowing Laws chose a loan term exceeding 10 years would find their loan rate fixed for years 1-10; at the end of 10 years each FNFA member can:

          1. have their outstanding balance refinanced at market rates at the time;
          2. pay off all of the outstanding balance without penalty;
          3. pay off part of the outstanding balance without penalty, and refinance the remainder.

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          The FNFA expects the next debenture to be in the fall of the year 2020. Is the financing required before this date?

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          Please Note: You will need to complete the Certificate of Calculation of Borrowing Capacity (Other Revenues) in order to submit your request for a loan. The Certificate of Calculation of Borrowing Capacity (Other Revenues) is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and will automatically complete the calculations as you enter the appropriate figures. Click on the link below to download the spreadsheet. The certificate is a required document in the loan application process.

          Estimated interest rate to be used to determine annual service costs for property tax Long-term Capital Borrowing Law Schedule “A”.

          Interest Rate: % * (This rate is subject to change)

          Please contact the FNFA for assistance.
          The actual interest rate or rates applicable to any loan (when FNFA issues its Debenture) may differ from the estimated interest rate above used by the First Nation when completing the Certificate of Capital Liabilities and Calculation of Borrowing Capacity (Schedule “A” to the Long-term Capital Borrowing Law).