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          Commercial Paper

          Program Size: C$400 million authorized

          Rating: R-1 (Middle), Stable Trend

          Security: Backstopped (1:1) by credit facility with syndicate of six Chartered Banks

          Issuance size: C$100 – C$200 million

          Term: Under 90 days with preference for 30 days

          Market presence: Bi-weekly

          Latest Commercial Paper Rating

          2022 Commercial Paper Rating

          Program Background

          First Nations Finance Authority (FNFA) is pleased to announce it is now raising capital for its short-term funding (“Interim Financing”) program through the issuance of commercial paper in the Canadian money market. Prior to this, money was raised through chartered banks but was considered more expensive than issuing securities under the FNFA’s own name. FNFA has issued annually in the bond market since 2014.

          Investor’s Presentation