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          Disclaimer: the report generated from this website and the online calculator is provided for information purposes only. The FNFA cannot guarantee that all of the information entered to generate this report is accurate. FNFA staff recommends that this report be re-done regularly as interest rates can change materially from time-to-time as economic events unfold.

          FNFA normally issues 10 year debentures. FNFA members whose Borrowing Laws chose a loan term exceeding 10 years would find their loan rate fixed for years 1-10; at the end of 10 years each FNFA member can:

          1. have their outstanding balance refinanced at market rates at the time;
          2. pay off all of the outstanding balance without penalty;
          3. pay off part of the outstanding balance without penalty, and refinance the remainder.

          I have read and understand the above statement.


          The FNFA expects the next debenture to be in the Summer of 2024. Is the financing required before this date?

          Yes No

          Fill in the form below to find out your borrowing power with Other Sources of Revenue.

          Revenue Stream:

          Note: The revenue stream you entered to calculate the Borrowing Capacity can be either high-risk or low-risk . ‘Contracts and Leases’ and ‘Band Business’ can be stable or unstable in volume from year to year in terms of the amount of revenue they generate. The capital markets consider this when calculating your Borrowing Capacity. Please select the appropriate risk level for the selected Revenue Stream.

          Note: If you can’t find your revenue stream in the drop down menu, or you are unsure about the definition of a revenue stream please give us a call today. We will help you determine the best options for your community.

          Net Revenue:
          Repayment Term:

          Interest Rate Options

          Option A

          You want the fixed rate of interest as set by the FNFA’s next debenture.

          Option B

          You want the FNFA to use swap derivaties to lock-in your interst rate for the full term of your borrowing law.


          Revenue Stream:
          Net Revenue:

          Repayment Term: Years
          Interest Rate*: %
          Revenue Stream’s Maximum Borrowing Capacity**:

          If you borrowed the maximum loan amount, your annual and monthly payments would be:

          Maximum Annual Payments:
          Maximum Monthly Payments:

          * Expect interest rate consistent with current debenture term of 10 years. This rate is subject to change.

          ** FNFA calculates revenue stream’s borrowing capacity using a debt coverage factor of .

          If you are considering the option of locking-in your rate for the whole term of the financing request, please contact Steve Berna for the current rate and next steps.

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