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          About the FNFA

          The First Nations Finance Authority (FNFA) is a statutory non-profit organization without share capital, operating under the authority of the First Nations Fiscal Management Act, 2005. FNFA’s purposes are to provide First Nation governments investment options, capital planning advice, and perhaps most importantly, access to long-term loans with preferable interest rates. FNFA is not an agent of Her Majesty or a Crown corporation and is governed solely by the First Nation communities that join as Borrowing Members.

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          The advantages of joining FNFA as a Borrowing Member are:

          1. Access to low rate Interim Loans below bank prime, and long-term fixed rate loans with repayment terms up to 30 years;
          2. First Nations choose the repayment terms that work best for their budget;
          3. FNFA loans do not require collateral;
          4. FNFA loans can be used to refinance existing debt; and
          5. FNFA’s interest rates and terms parallel those available to provincial and local governments.

          Most revenue streams are eligible to support FNFA loan requests. Eligible capital projects FNFA can finance include infrastructure, social and economic development, land purchases, independent power projects, community housing, and rolling stock/heavy equipment.

          FNFA is a stand-alone organization separate from the Government of Canada, and its operating policies are set by its Board of Directors chosen from amongst the Chiefs and Councillors of the borrowing membership. The FNFA is for First Nations, by First Nations.

          The Chiefs and Councillors who represent FNFA as the Board of Directors determined our values to be:


          We understand the value of iterating, adapting, being agile. Our management and staff will actively work to anticipate change and strive for a continuous improvement approach to our services. In our interactions, we will challenge assumptions where appropriate, be curious, and safeguard a safe space to bring new ideas forward.


          We recognize First Nations as a level of government and work with First Nation communities to help achieve their community priorities and their future visions. Through affordable financing and advisory services, we assist First Nations in Canada in leading the way. We are a champion for First Nations, and work to empower First Nations communities across Canada.


          We act with uncompromising honesty and integrity. We are ethical and fair. We are efficient, transparent, and accountable to our borrowing members, investors, and stakeholders. In our relationships, we are respectful and candid. We work for the best interest of First Nations communities.


          Our Board of Directors, through established policies, gives FNFA the agility to adapt faster to meet the continuously changing needs of our members.


          We believe that an organization achieves more when they collaborate effectively. Wherever appropriate, we recognize and engage our management and staff, provide opportunities for cross-team feedback, and spend time on working together to identify solutions and meet the strategic priorities of the FNFA.